“Living” on a Sprawling Island Hamlet!

Our only exposure to Disney’s Old Key West Resort came in 1999.  Yes, 1999.

It was Thanksgiving.  It was the All in WDW clan’s first-ever trip to The World.  And, somehow, on a journey from the Coronado Springs Resort to Port Orleans (now, the French Quarter) for dinner, we found ourselves at a stop at Old Key waiting for a bus.

Huh?  Let me get this straight.  You left Coronado on a mission to find some jambalaya, and you ended up in a resort dedicated to the Florida Keys?  How did you let that happen?  Well, give us a break, already.  It WAS our first trip to Disney … and, we had NO idea where we were and no clue what we were doing!

Anyway, we made it to dinner (somehow), and the trip forged on.  But, at the same time, we were so focused on finding our way to Port Orleans, the only “take-away” we had regarding Old Key was that it was HUGE!  I mean, take a look at this map!  You think Caribbean Beach is spread out?

Old Key West Map

Disney’s Old Key West Resort opened on December 20, 1991 and was formerly known as Disney’s Vacation Club Resort.  It was renamed in January of 1996.

Designed in a turn-of-the-century Key West theme, it is, in Disney’s own words, “a sprawling island hamlet with shimmering waterways, swaying palm trees and manicured golf-course fairways.”

Sounds great, WDW.  We can’t wait to see it! Hey! While we’re there, where can we grab a cool, refreshing cocktail?

Well, how about it, fans?  Which one of these is the name of the resort’s cozy little Key West-style bar?

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