Spaceship Earth Trivia! – The Answer

Wow! What a response yesterday!

You guys are way too smart for me, though.  And, here, I thought this was going to be a tough one!

On this past weekend’s trip to Epcot, I enjoyed my trip on Spaceship Earth with a particular eye to the ride’s detail.  Have you ever done that?

It’s amazing just how much detail Disney’s imagineers add to each and every attraction.  Take the moon-landing scene, for example.  It’s one of my favorites in the whole ride!

The happy and astounded family lounges in the living room in rapt attention, Walter Cronkite’s emotion-filled gaze spills out of the television, and the lunar lander sits gracefully on the moon.

What rests on the floor behind the couch?  Mouse Trap!

Mouse Trap

Did you know?  If so, great job by you!  If not, check it out next time!

And, hey, pay attention to the rest of the ride’s detail!  What other interesting little tidbits can YOU find within Spaceship Earth’s dark and winding pathway?

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