Epcot Entertainment Rocks!

Well, it must rock.  This was the closest vote we’ve ever had!

Many hours into the voting, three competitors – Off Kilter, JAMMitors, and the Voices of Liberty – were still within striking distance of the title.  It remained that way for much of the day and evening.  Yet, all of them deserved to win.

In the end, it is Off Kilter that squeaks to the top of the pile and becomes the All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Entertainer!

Formed in 1997, Off Kilter is the rock band that performs daily in the Canada pavilion at Epcot.  In, pretty much, their own words, they are a high-energy, progressive, Celtic band that blends many hard-driving musical styles … thereby bringing a whole new twist to Celtic music.  Check out their web site here.

From bass guitar to bagpipes, and from Ireland, Canada, and the U.S., this five-piece outfit can certainly make you stop and listen.  In fact, I can’t tell you the number of times we’ve been walking “around the world” only to point across the lagoon and say, “Listen.  It’s Off Kilter”!

If you want to know more about this World Showcase “stroll-stopping” gem, check out this article on AllEars.net.  It is an older post, but it still gives you great insight into what makes this band … well, Off Kilter!

Congratulations, Off Kilter!  You are the “champ”!

Off Kilter

Entertain Us, Epcot! – The Finale

We have arrived at the finale, my friends!  Thanks, very much, for your support these last few days.  Now, there’s just one more tally to complete.  We need to finish one last poll in order to “crown” the All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Epcot Entertainer.  Let’s go out in a flourish!

If you ask me, we’ve done an outstanding job of setting up a diverse and terribly difficult-to-predict “Final Four”.  From Celtic rock to the pinnacle of patriotic a cappella … from the clash of drums (er, trash can lids) to a whistle-tooting, pompous maitre d’, any one of these outstanding acts can ‘take the prize’.

Who will it be?  Don’t be shy.  Vote! Vote!  Vote!  Which one of these Epcot gems most catches your eye!

Stop back tomorrow to see the “coronation ceremony”!


Entertain Us, Epcot! – Round 2

Thanks for weighing in with your favorites yesterday, my friends!  Pretty much every group’s vote was razor close at some point.  All of my choices got through to Round 2.  How about yours?

For the record, I threw my support behind Off Kilter, British Revolution, and JAMMitors.  I love a good “jam” session.  And, I get mesmerized by Serveur Amusant in France.  Those guys are phenomenally entertaining!


Spirit of America Fife & Drum Corps and Voices of Liberty hold a special, warm, patriotic place in my heart, but the aforementioned four stand an entertaining “step above” in my view.

Round 2 works the same … the Top 2 in each semi-final group moves on to the “Final Four”.  We’re close to crowning a “champ”!  Vote!  Vote!  Vote!

Have a great Saturday, folks!

Entertain Us, Epcot! – Round 1

I can’t remember the last time I offered you a chance to vote in a poll.  Let me think … oh, yeah!  It was last month when we crowned Wishes as our Favorite Nighttime Spectacular.  I guess it wasn’t that long ago after all!

Nonetheless, sticking with “entertainment” as a theme – I mean, fireworks are entertaining, aren’t they? – I thought we’d shoot across property to my favorite park.  The Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow is loaded with entertainment!

Music or acrobatics.  Fountains or drums.  Epcot is …

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American Adventure Trivia! – The Answers

According to Disney’s web site, “The American Adventure took Disney Imagineers 5 years to complete. The beautiful building in which it is housed … [takes] design cues from the classic Georgian style of the late 1700s, Colonial Williamsburg, Independence Hall, Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, and the Old State House in Boston.

The facade of the American Adventure Pavilion is made of 110,000 bricks handmade from Georgia red clay, aged for an authentic look and feel. Its central rotunda is approximately 35 feet high, with its dome adding another 10 feet. The pavilion itself encompasses an expansive 108,555 square feet!

The American Adventure’s theater can accommodate up to 1,024 Guests.”

Ben Franklin and Mark Twain guide guests on a journey through America’s history with the help of 35 audio-animatronics figures which include representations of Susan B. Anthony, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Jefferson, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., and Teddy Roosevelt.

The theme song for The American Adventure is “Golden Dream”.  It gets its biggest push at the end of the attraction, but it has also been heard in Epcot’s entrance plaza since opening day!  If you want to see a fantastic tribute to this patriotic song, click this link to YouTube.  It is an excellent testimonial to Walt Disney World’s “American Adventure”!

My thanks to all of you who participated yesterday!  See ya’ tomorrow!

American Adventure Sign