Food & Wine ’13 Scouting Report: Brazil

Hey, everybody!  Did you get a chance to watch yesterday’s show?  What did you think?  We’re dying to know!

If you missed it, Rick Howard, President of Kingdom Magic Vacations and host of the Travel with Rick video-cast, is spending the whole month of October covering each and every Food & Wine ’13 marketplace.  Yesterday, was Brazil … featuring Mrs. All in WDW, and myself!

Our thanks to Rick Howard and his Director of Marketing, John Donahue, for giving us such an incredible opportunity.  See us, again, in a few days as we cross the Pacific Ocean and land in Australia!

In the meantime, yesterday’s show wasn’t our first “visit” to Brazil.  Before the crispy pork belly and seared scallops even hit a plate, I was already busy trying to sort out just how well this marketplace would fare in its return to the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival.

You’ve seen the show (hopefully!).  Now, jump over to Kingdom Magic Vacations’ Blog in order to catch my Food & Wine ’13 Scouting Report: Brazil!  Did Brazil meet or exceed my expectations?  Or, did they fall short?  Read the “preview”.  Watch the show.  Only then will you know!

Menu: Brazil

Click on the pic to see the full menu!

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